Programme structure

  • 1 st Semester  (September-January) 
    The Introduction workshop (5 ECTS) - Universidad de Deusto (Spain)
    Core modules (25 ECTS)
         Entrepreneurial mindsets, 
         Managing sustainability,
         Critical skills set
         * Langauge of Instruction - English

  • 2 nd Semester  (February-July) 

    Management Modules (30 ECTS)- Corvinus university of Budapest (Hungary)
         Trade off between equity and efficiency, 10 ECTS 
         Delivering progressive health systems, 10 ECTS
         Strategic asset management, 10 ECTS
         *Language of Instruction-English

  • 3rd Semester (September-January) – Specialization modules (30 ECTS)

      Patient safety and quality issues- University of Verona (Italy)   
         Quality and the consumer, 10 ECTS         
         European health legislation processes, 10 ECTS   
         Managing innovation, 10 ECTS
        *Language of Instruction - English 

      Social aspects of health care- Vilnius University (Lithuania)
         Sociological perspectives on population health, 10 ECTS
         Health advocacy, 10 ECTS
         Managing innovation, 10 ECTS
        * Language of Instruction- English

  • • 4th Semester  (February-July) – Research project (30 ECTS) - at one of the consortium universities